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Resource Management, Inc. (RMI) is committed to the land, our environment and the people we serve. We provide responsive, innovative, and high quality organic residuals and recycling services to address our customers interests and needs.

Understanding Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Why it should

High-temperature coustion: Mix sample with oxidation alyst in a chaer heated to 95-100 degrees Celsius to convert organics to carbon dioxide Studies suggest that the coination of the Persulfate with the heat and UV light produced more accurate and faster analysis.

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Bulk Soil For big projects requiring lots of soil, buying bulk soil is a sure way to cover the ground you need — and save a little money in the process. Having issues with growing healthy plants? Consider soil testing. A soil report offers precise nutrient requirements for the plant type you’re attempting to grow.

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Our investment thesis relies on eliminating the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals and sequestering carbon in the soil. We work with local farmers and ranchers to practice regenerative agriculture. Read More. Organic Farming Creates Value for Investors, Communities, and the Environment. Per Acre. creating value.

Soil erosion: Why fertile earth is being degraded and lost

Degraded soil around the world is making farms less fertile and threatening the future of the food supply.

Plants as science lessons: Kids learn with hands in the soil

Please support high-quality local journalism. Plants as science lessons: Kids learn with hands in the soil. Updated May 12, 2020 suggested using carbon-holding trees such as a mangrove to

Frontiers | Contrasting Responses of Protistan Plant

Functional traits are increasingly used in ecology to link the structure of microbial communities to ecosystem processes. We investigated two important protistan lineages, Cercozoa and Endomyxa (Rhizaria) in soil using Illumina sequencing and analyzed their diversity and functional traits along with their responses to environmental factors in grassland and forest across Germany.

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Alongside growers and buyers, we are building a system responsive to demands for high quality and sustainably produced food and fiber. Indigo develops microbial and digital technologies that improve grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health.

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Humate soil conditioner is an amazing organic soil treatment and microorganism stimulant. One appliion of humate soil conditioner is similar to applying ½ inch of a high quality organic compost over the surface of the lawn. Humate is one of Organo-Lawn’s most amazing lawn and tree care products, because of how much it builds the soil and


providing high-quality fibres for textiles for thousands of years (La and Denning 2004). Longer fibers are used for spinning into yarn and making textiles, a fabric type that is also known as linen. Shorter flax fibers are either spun into yarns, often mixed with cotton, or used in many other novel appliions including packaging materials,

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Aug 05, 2020· At the start, David’s aim was to produce a high-quality wine for his London hotel [The Capital] and various other outlets (including London’s Royal Festival Hall). He wanted to know how the grapes had been grown, how the wine had been produced and transported. It was a ‘grape to glass’, sustainable approach well before its time.

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Before it is sold, vermicompost is usually mixed with high-quality soil to improve its texture and dilute its nutrients. The potency of vermicompost varies among products, so follow appliion rates given on the product’s label—too much can injure plant roots and flood the soil with excessive salts.