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1. Explain why a metal conducts electricity when solid or molten but an ionic compound conducts only when molten and not when solid. 2. Explain why the melting point increases from top to bottom going down group 7 (the halogens). 3. a) Which type of

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Well there are two answers the wood on the pencil does not conduct electricity which means it is a insulator, but the graphite (lead) is a conductor of electricity.Yes, Pencil Lead does conduct Electricity. Copper, Gold and Silver though are the best conductors.

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Explain why most giant covalent substances do not conduct electricity There are no electrons/ions/charged particles that are free to move Explain why graphite conducts electricity

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The silicon atoms then evaporated, leaving behind a 40-nanometre-wide layer of graphene. This process means that there are no dangling bonds or rough edges to ster electrons, says de Heer.

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9/8/2020· Gold conducts heat and electricity. Copper and silver are the best conductors, but gold connections outlast both of them because they do not tarnish. It is not that the gold lasts longer, but that it remains conductive for a longer time. Gold is ductile: It can be drawn out into the thinnest wire.

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over each other because the weak forces of attraction are easily broken. This is why graphite is used as a lubricant. Graphite conducts electricity – the only non-metal to do so. The free electron from each carbon means that each layer has delocalized electrons.

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Graphene conducts electricity and is used in loudsers. The picture shows the structure of graphene. (a) Use the picture and your knowledge of bonding in graphite to:(i) explain why graphene is …


1.(a) State one use of graphite [1m] (b) Both graphite and diamond are allotropes of element Carbon. Graphite conducts electricity whereas diamond does not. Explain [2m] 2. Below is a simplifed scheme of Solvay process. Study it and answer the questions that

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3) Graphite is a good conductor of electricity. Explain the reason. 4) Graphite conducts electricity only along the layers, but not in right angles to the layers. Explain 5) Graphite is used as a lubricant in some machineries. Explain the reason. 6) Graphite is used

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Q2. Silicon dioxide is used as a lining for furnaces. Furnaces can be used to melt iron for recycling. ©€Oleksiy Mark/iStock The diagram shows a small part of the structure of silicon dioxide. Explain why silicon dioxide is a suitable material for lining furnaces.

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a)Why the melting point increases from lithium to beryllium in Period 2, and from sodium to aluminium in Period 3 b)Why aluminium is a metal but boron is not, even though they are in the same group c)Why boron, graphite, diamond and silicon have very high melting points

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Atomic Structure and Bonding Past Questions - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. About 100 years ago a scientist called J. J. Thomson thought that an atom was a ball of positive charge with negative particles stuck inside.

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You can wrap it into a ball, roll it into a tube or stack it and make graphite again. All of these excellent properties make Graphene an excellent candidate for many appliions. Graphene is super-thin and it conducts electricity, so it can be suggested as a replacement of fancy and expensive touchscreens.

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"Graphene conducts electricity better than graphite. It conducts better than silver or gold," Sanchez-Yamagishi says. Sanchez-Yamagishi built a machine in the lab that stacks extremely thin layers of graphene and similar materials.

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(iv) Graphite conducts electricity but diamond does not. Draw a labelled diagram to explain how you would show this in the laboratory. 9. Sand is silicon(IV)oxide. It has a macromolecular structure. Carbon dioxide has a molecular

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9/8/2020· Note: In graphite, each atom donates one electron to a delocalised system of electrons which takes in the whole of its layer. These electrons are free to move around, and so graphite conducts electricity - but this is a special case. If you are interested, the.

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Why does diamond have a higher melting point than graphite? Very high melting points – this is because a lot of strong covalent bonds must be broken. Graphite, for example, has a melting point of more than 3,600 C. Variable electrical conductivity – diamond does

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measure of how well a material conducts electricity, is higher than any other known material at room temperature. Graphene, a single-atom-thick sheet of graphite, is a new material which coines

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Carbon can be made into nano-thin, strong sheets called graphene. A graphene sheet is a single layer of graphite. Graphene conducts electricity and is used in loudsers. The picture shows the structure of …

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For example graphite and diamond are allotropes of carbon (as is “Buckey ball”). Both form carbon dioxide and water when undergoing coustion but only graphite conducts electricity and diamond is one of the hardest substances known.

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Silicon dioxide Water (2) Page 12 of 28 (c)€€€€ Explain why metals conduct electricity. €€€€ Suggest why substance B conducts electricity as a liquid but does not conduct electricity

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It conducts electricity because of free moving electrons. It does not conduct electricity. It consists of layers, and layers can slide; that is why graphite is soft and used as a lubricant. It is hard because of its three-dimensional structure. Graphite is two Diamond is

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Why the focus on graphite? Graphite is the thinnest and strongest material ever developed. It is 200 times stronger than steel and several times tougher than a diamond. Furthermore, it conducts both electricity and heat better than copper.

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18/12/2010· Graphite does not behave by the definition of a semi conductor because it has good forward and back direction of electricity while semi-conductors dont. In case of graphite the carbon atoms naturally coine covalently with three other carbon atoms so every coined carbon has one unshared or free electron.

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Why graphite conducts electricity An animation demonstrating why graphite conducts electricity “Ball and stick” diagrams A graphic illustrating how “ball and stick” diagrams can be Rotary switches A graphic showing two 2-pole 6-way rotary switches.