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8 International Journal of Metalcasting/Volume 9, Issue 1, 2015Direct Thermal Analysis In its simplest form TA/CCA uses one thermocouple inserted in the test mold. The design of the test cup has a significant effect on the results and their interpretation. The shape

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By ensuring that as much as possible of the injected inoculant actually hits the iron stream, the casting process is improved, resulting in higher casting quality and a reduction of inoculant waste. inoTECH™ reduces the possibility of under-inoculated castings being produced, which gives both the plant metallurgist and the foundry’s customers peace of mind.

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Our portfolio of metallurgical products comprises inoculants, Mg treatment wires, inoculation wires and pre-alloys for iron casting. Details > ASK Chemicals


As a criterion for evaluation of the modifiion effect, the macrostructure produced in a stepped test casting was used. It has been concluded that the modifiion effect depends, first of all, on the pouring temperature and on the time of contact between the liquid alloy and inoculant.

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1996/12/17· The inoculant must be in sufficient quantity to ensure, when nucleated throughout the casting, a microstructural grain size in the range of ASTM 11.5 to 14.5. An aluminum charge 58 is poured into the sprue leading to runner entrance 43 at a temperature of about 760° C. and with a pressure head sufficient to fill the cavity 14 in the mold.

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In general, inoculant additions of 0.1–0.5% by weight of metal will be satisfactory for grey cast irons, higher additions are needed for ductile (SG) irons. Care must be taken not to over-inoculate grey irons, otherwise problems will arise with shrinkage porosity due to too high a nucleation level.

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2006/7/25· For each casting, the magnesium treatment of the melt was performed on the melt in an open transfer ladle by a sandwich process as is known in the art using 1.7% wt. % of the melt of an iron based alloy, which contains 45% wt. % silicon and 6.2% wt

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For example, for continuous casting steel, especially aluminum containing, calcium-treated alloy must be used to prevent nozzle nodulation. Moreover, the silicon alloy can make the deoxidation product easy to float and discharge and improve the performance of the steel and the plasticity, impact toughness and fluidity of the steel.

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2017/6/12· Inoculant was prepared by using Fe as the matrix, which ensures good wettability between reinforcement phase and matrix during modifiion. This paper deals with the effects of Fe–Al–Cr–Nb–C–N amorphous nanocrystalline inoculants which were fabried using the method of in situ reaction and rapid solidifiion on the microstructures and properties of T1 HSS.

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a) Casting lay-out (spiral dimensions in “mm”), b) photographs of Archimedes spirals with different wall thick-ness. Fig. 2. Microstructure of ductile iron in spiral with wall thickness of 3mm at different distance from the beginning of spiral: a) 0.01m, b) 0.1m, c) 0

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We investigate the impact of the convective transport of inoculant particles on the distribution of the final microstructure (grain size) in grain-refined aluminum-alloy castings. We carry out numerical simulations of a casting experiment, considering the solidifiion of an Al–22 wt.%Cu alloy inoculated with Al–Ti–B in a side-cooled 76 × 76 × 254 mm sand mold.

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Aluminum Titanium Boron Strontium Chemical Formula Available Form Description of the Product Ti- 0.9-1.1%, Sr- 3.5-4.5%, 9.5-10.5%, B- 0.18-0.22%, Al- balance Piglet,Waffle Plate, Cast bar, Cut rod Aluminum Titanium Strontium Boron master alloys is used for simultaneous modifiion and grain refinement of aluminum. Alloy used for modifying the eutectic phase of


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The effect of inoculant amount and casting temperature on metal expansion penetration in grey cast iron where the late solidifying melt is in contact with the sand. The cost of the problem is huge for 20 % pig iron and 40 % steel. After melting, the melt is

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Chromium has three major uses in cast irons namely (i) to form carbides, (ii) to impact corrosion resistance, and (iii) to stabilize the structure for high temperature appliions. Small amounts of Cr are routinely added to stabilize pearlite in gray cast iron, to control chill depth in chilled cast iron, or to ensure a graphite free structure in white cast iron containing less than 1 % Si.

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The inoculant should be clearly labeled as to which crops it is to be used on (cross inoculation group). In addition, the inoculant should be labeled with an expiration date. Over time the bacterial population in a commercial inoculant will decline and be less effective, so growers are advised not to use inoculant past its expiration date.

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Regarding the news that were mentioned in 24.October.2013 dated Metal Pages and 25.October.2013 Metal Bulletin our

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Direct chill (DC) casting experimental results are presented for an Al–Zn–Mg–Cu alloy with and without grain refining by attempting the inoculant addition either in the furnace or in the launder at two different casting speeds. Despite considerable structural refinement

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Each uses a different composition of inoculant to tailor it for the specific appliion. If you can make biochar* on your property however, it’s probably best you learn how, and to stack functions of your waste residue in keeping with permaculture principles.

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casting process by eliminating the costly over pours and short pours. The utilization of a vision camera, which directly views the sprue cup, eliminates the need for oversized sprue cup design, which may hold more molten metal than needed. The control system •

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Investment casting (known as lost-wax casting in art) is a process that has been practiced for thousands of years, with the lost-wax process being one of the oldest known metal forming techniques. From 5000 years ago, when beeswax formed the pattern, to today''s high technology waxes, refractory materials and specialist alloys, the castings ensure high-quality components are produced with the

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Worm casting tea isn''t going to be terribly fungal. Best to produce GOOD compost tailored for fungal production, then take enough out for a couple, or more tea batches and mix in good fungal foods, I like oats, and add humic acid. Then let it have a few days to