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Precision Metal Products. Precision forgings range from 1lb. to 80 lbs with tolerance up to ±0.005 inches (plan area up to 250 sq. in) Forging equipment includes screw presses (200-7,000 tons), mechanical press (75-1,500 tons), hydraulic presses (300-1,000 tons), high velocity presses (125,000-30,000 ft lb) and upsetting presses (1.25” Max Billet Diameter)

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Quality Assurance, Sampling and Testing, Aluminum Alloys and Magnesium Alloys, Wrought Products, Except Forging Stock, and Rolled, Forged, or Flash Welded Rings MAM2355

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The use of magnesium alloy wheels is one of the most important methods of automobile lightweight. The average weight of forged magnesium alloy wheel hub can be reduced by 3-5 kg and oil saving by 10-18% instead of forging aluminum alloy wheel hub. Forging magnesium alloy wheel hub is getting more and more attention.

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The forging process presses, pounds, or squeezes metal stock under very high pressure. Material flow occurs during the forging process, closing any internal porosity and refining the microstructure. Heat Resistant Alloys are designed or suitable for service appliions that require heat resistance. Hot Rolled

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The use of magnesium M18430 is forbidden. Forging: Aluminium or magnesium alloy is poured in a continuous water-based process to get a 6-meter bar with 500 mm diameter. The same bar is extruded, until a diameter of 300 mm.

Development of forging process for magnesium alloy

For the popularization of the magnesium alloy forged . parts, direct forging from low-cost cast material is desired instead of extruded material. Also, the improvement of mechanical property by forging must be realized. Therefore, in the NEDO Project, the R&D topics for magnesium alloy forging were set as follows and the R&Ds were started:

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alloys forged in hydraulic presses are iso-thermally forged; that is, the workpiece and the dies are at the same temperature during defor-mation. Therefore, the recommended die tem-peratures employed for hydraulic press forging Forging temperature, °F Forging temperature, °C 700 750 800 Alloy …

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The Worlds Largest Stocking Distributor of MAGNESIUM ALLOYS. Magnesium. We are the largest wrought magnesium distributor in the world! We supply Off-the-Shelf Rod, Plate, Bar, Sheet and extrusions in all Alloys and Sizes Forgings, Extrusions *** AZ31-TP Tooling Plate From .250″ to 14″ thickness: AZ31B-H24 Sheet & Plate From .020″ to 3

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Interest in magnesium alloys and their appliions has risen in recent years. This trend is mainly evident in casting appliions, but wrought alloys are also increasingly coming into focus. Among the most common forming processes, forging is a promising candidate for the industrial production of magnesium wrought products. This review is intended to give a general introduction into the

Microstructure and mechanical properties of ZK60 magnesium

Keywords: Magnesium alloy, High strain rate multiple forging, Microstructure, Dynamic recrystallisation, Mechanical properties Additional information The research described in the present paper was supported by the Hunan provincial Natural Science Foundation Project of China (grant no. 10JJ6081) and the Natural Science Foundation Project of

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Closed die steel forgings, commonly called impression-die forgings, are produced through a multi-step process. Heated steel is placed in a forging press and compressed in a series of tool steel dies that progressively reflect the mirror image of the desired final shape.

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Magnesium Alloy AZ80A is available in Forgings. For all stock and size availability contact Sales. Specifiions AMS 4360 - AZ80A-T5 Forging (cancelled) QQ-M-40B QQ-M-31B ASTM B107 ASTM B91. Werkstoff W.3515 (aerospace) Werkstoff WS 3.5812. French Aerospace: AIR/AFNOR G-A7Z1 European Specifiion: EN 1753 MG-P-61

Marchesini M9RS Corse Dui wheels, forged in magnesium

Pair of Marchesini M9RS Corse wheels matt black forged magnesium for Dui 1100 V4 Panigale 2018> Marchesini presents its brand new wheel M9RS Corse, which marks the return to the production of magnesium alloy forged wheels for road use. These new magnesium wheels have a …

Hot forging of high-aluminum content magnesium alloys by

By applying a servo press machine, a novel hot-forging process was performed with development of highstrength magnesium alloys. Firstly, friction properties and isothermal deformation resistance during hot forming (350oC and 400oC) of Mg-Al-Ca-Mn series magnesium alloy (AXM4303 alloy) were investigated by ring-compression tests.

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Chapter 11: Forging technology for magnesium alloys. Abstract: 11.1 Introduction. 11.2 Forging technology. 11.3 Forging of magnesium alloys. 11.4 Near-net-shape forming of magnesium alloys. 11.5 Conclusions. 11.6 Acknowledgements. Part III: Appliions of magnesium alloys. Chapter 12: Appliions of magnesium alloys in automotive engineering

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scope: Form. This specifiion covers a magnesium alloy in the form of extruded bars, rods, wire, tubing, and profiles. This specifiion covers products up to 4.999 inches (63.47 mm) in diameter or least thickness (but not over 25 square inches (161 sq cm) and tubing up to 6.000 inches (152.4 mm) diameter with wall thicknesses between 0.28 to 0.75 inches (7.11 to 19.05 mm) (see 8.5).

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Magnesium Wheels Examined. Magnesium wheels certainly add a "wow" factor to a vehicle. That, of course, is the main reason people spend their money on magnesium alloy wheels. Are looks the only advantage they possess over steel or aluminum rims? consider the pros and cons of magnesium wheels before parting with your money.

Ultralight Magnesium Alloys for Superior Welding

Specifically designed for superior welding, forging, strength and stability while maintaining an ultralight weight, ALLITE® Super Magnesium™ alloys from Allite Inc. (Miamisburg, OH) are an affordable, high performance and sustainable alternative to aluminum, steel, and titanium. These premier magnesium alloys are 33 percent lighter than aluminum while maintaining a high strength-to-weight

Achieving High Strength and Ductility in Magnesium Alloys

Sep 05, 2017· Light-weight magnesium alloys with high strength are especially desirable for the appliions in transportation, aerospace, electronic components, and implants owing to their high stiffness, abundant raw materials, and environmental friendliness. Unfortunately, conventional strengthening methods mainly involve the formation of internal defects, in which particles and grain …

Investigation of the Formability of Flanged Parts of

This study investigated the mechanical properties and forming characteristics of flanged parts made of AZ61 magnesium alloys via hot working. The bearing cover of the gearbox in cars was selected as a carrier in hot forging to probe into the formability of magnesium alloys. A high-speed metal test machine was used for compression tests under different forming temperatures and strain rates to

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Buyer is interested to receive quotations for the following RFQ - Product Name: Aluminum Alloys Specifiions: Composition: Aluminum 98.65%, Silicon 0.40%, Magnesium 0.45%, Others (Impurities) 0.50% Quantity Required : 20 - 25 Metric Ton/Metric Tons Shipping Terms : FOB Or CIF Destination Port : United Arab Emirates Payment Terms : To be

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Any components in ZK60, AZ80, AZ31 and other alloys in required dimensions and shapes/geometries, thin sheet, wire, billets, bars, rods, plates, tubes, pipes forgings, extrusions, design optimization work [email protected] +371-66221111

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From theresults, using magnesium alloys with high aluminum content yielded less compressive deformationresistance than AXM403. It was also demonstrated that hot forging of magnesium alloys with highaluminum content produces small magnesium crystals (about six micro meters) and crystallizedsubstances.

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Whether you need blanks cut to size, or custom castings or forgings, we have the capacity to fulfill your order accurately and on a timely basis. We offer a wide variety of materials, including steels of many grades as well as exotic and heat resistant alloys. In addition to high-nickel and stainless steel alloys that offer exceptional