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Electrical Resistivity of Dilute Alloys of Magnesium and

The electrical resistivity of magnesium at room temperature was found to increase by 1.47±0.37 μΩ cm per atomic percent addition of neodymium. The additional resistivity is strongly temperature dependent between 77° and 373°K. In the temperature range 273° to 373°K the temperature dependence of the additional resistivity can be characterized by a temperature coefficient of the order

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Rare Earth Alloys. Most important appliion for scandium is to make aluminum scandium alloy. We also provide other rare earth aluminum master alloys, magnesium master alloys, and other functional rare earth alloys such as: Terbium-Dysprosium-Iron magnetostrictive alloy, Terbium-Iron-Cobalt optical storage alloy, Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnetic alloy which are made by high vacuum pollution free

Magnesium – Neodymium – Zirconium

Magnesium – Neodymium – Zirconium James Robinson, Christian Baetzner, Nathalie Lebrun, Athanasios Stamou Literature Data The available data on the Mg-Nd-Zr system are limited to the Mg rich part. [1978Dri] examined the (Mg) solid solubility range at 200 and 500°C. Alloys were prepared from 99.975% pure Mg, 99.64% pure Nd and

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The Magnesium Technology Symposium, the event on which this collection is based, is one of the largest yearly gatherings of magnesium specialists in the world. Papers represent all aspects of the field, ranging from primary production to appliions to recycling. Moreover, papers explore

Plasma electrolytic oxidation coating on AZ91 magnesium

Ceramic coatings on the surfaces of Mg-9Al-1Zn (AZ91) magnesium alloy and Mg-9Al-1Zn-1Nd magnesium alloy (AZ91 magnesium alloy modified by neodymium, named as AZ91Nd in this paper) are synthesized in aluminate electrolyte by plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) process, respectively. X-ray diffraction and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analyses show the PEO coating on the Mg-9Al-1Zn-1Nd alloy


Several alloy compositions containing calcium, lithium, scandium, yttrium, zirconium or rare earth elements (gadolinium, dysprosium, strontium, cerium, neodymium) have been published /2/. The wide spectrum of utilized Mg-alloys with its different alloying elements and the necessity of coating make the recycling extremely difficult.

CN103225031A - Magnesium-zinc-manganese-tin-neodymium

The invention discloses a magnesium-zinc-manganese-tin-neodymium alloy and a preparation method thereof. The magnesium-zinc-manganese-tin-neodymium alloy comprises the following components in percentage by mass: 2-8% of Zn, 0.1-3% of Mn, 1-6% of Sn, 0.1-3% of Nd, no more than 0.15% of inevitable impurity and the balance of magnesium. The preparation method comprises the following …

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Edgetech Industries LLC (ETI) is a global supplier of various sputtering targets such as rare earth, pure metals, alloys, oxides, ceramic materials. We carry sputtering materials to serve not only our R&D customers but also manufacturers in the ceramic, metallurgy and electronic industries.ETI provides both technical grade materials for industries as well as high-purity chemicals (up to 99

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Understanding and correlating the microstructure, texture and grain boundary evolution with the deformation behaviour of Magnesium - Neodymium rare earth alloy . Qualifiion: M.Tech. (IIT Kharagpur, 2016-18) M. Tech. (Nano Science and Technology) Thesis Title- “Surface Modifiion of ZnO Nanostructures Coating with Fe(II)/Fe(III)”

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MgY magnesium master ingot MgY30 MgGd Magnesium Rare Earth Alloys MgLa Alloy AE811S ZE41A WE43 WE43A master alloys Magnesium–Rare Earth Alloy XIAN YUECHEN METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD. (XYMCO) R&D the magnesium based Rare Earth Alloys from 2004. They

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Neodymium Magnets, also known as NdFeB, NIB, or Neo magnets, are the most widely-used type of rare earth magnets. It''s the strongest type of permanent magnet made from an alloy of Neodymium…

Magnesium Alloys Market by Alloy Type, End-use Industry

Wrought alloys is estimated to be the second-largest alloy type in the magnesium alloys market in 2017 owing to its increasing appliions in electronics, and aerospace & defense industries. Based on end-use industry, the magnesium alloys market is segmented into automotive & transportation, electronics, aerospace & defense, power tools, and

Use of synergistic mixture of chelating agents for in situ

May 26, 2020· A comparison of corrosion inhibition of magnesium aluminum and zinc aluminum vanadate intercalated layered double hydroxides on magnesium alloys. Frontiers of …

Precipitation and recrystallization in a binary magnesium

The influence of precipitate state and annealing temperature on the recrystallization of a Mg-2.8wt.%Nd alloy has been investigated. Precipitation kinetics at 190°C, 350°C and 400°C were studied in order to understand precipitate evolution during recrystallization. Precipitation was studied primarily through electrical resistivity measurements, and modelled using a mean radius model. It was

Standard Specifiion for Magnesium-Alloy Extruded Bars

2. Referenced Documents (purchase separately) The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.. ASTM Standards. B117 Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus. B296 Practice for Temper Designations of Magnesium Alloys, Cast and Wrought. B557 Test Methods for Tension Testing Wrought and Cast Aluminum- and Magnesium-Alloy

Appliion of a Bioactive Coating on Resorbable

The aims of the present study are twofold: to investigate parameters for applying a bioactive SiO2–CaO–P2O5 coating, which shows promise of improved cell compatibility, onto the resorbable magnesium

Improvement of corrosion resistance and biocompatibility

promising in biomedical appliions [6,8]. Rare-earth magnesium alloys have the advantage that they do not contain aluminum, which may be detrimental to neurons [9]. For example, WE43 Mg alloy, which contains yttrium (Y) and neodymium (Nd), is one of the attractive biomedical rare-earth magnesium alloys …

Effect of the addition of low rare earth elements

Using microtomography and in vitro experiments, we could show that the magnesium-rare earth element alloys showed low corrosion rates, both in in vitro and in vivo. The lanthanum- and cerium-containing alloys degraded at comparable rates, whereas the neodymium-containing alloy …

Recycling Magnets to Extract the Rare Earth Metals

Oct 29, 2012· Back then the goal was to produce a mixture of magnesium and neodymium because the neodymium added important strength to the alloy, rather …

Formation of barrier-type anodic films on ZE41 magnesium

481.053, 417.732, 339.198 and 130.217 for magnesium, neodymium, zirconium and oxygen respectively. 3. Results 3.1. Alloy microstructure Fig. 1 shows a backstered electron scanning electron micro-scope image of the mechanically-polished surface of the ZE41 alloy before anodizing. The main features of interest with regard to the anodizing

In Vivo Degradation Behavior of the Magnesium Alloy

In former studies the magnesium alloy LAE442 showed promising in vivo degradation behavior and biocompatibility. However, reproducibility might be enhanced by replacement of the rare earth composition metal “E” by only a single rare earth element. Therefore, it was the aim of this study to examine whether the substitution of “E” by neodymium (“Nd”) had an influence on the in vivo

Localized Corrosion of Binary Mg-Nd Alloys in Chloride

The influence of neodymium (Nd) alloying additions in the 0.47 wt% to 3.53 wt% range on the localized corrosion behavior of Mg, when freely corroding in aqueous sodium chloride (NaCl) electrolyte, is investigated using an in situ scanning vibrating electrode technique (SVET).

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Additionally, neodymium is employed as one of the components in alloys, which are used in the manufacture of powerful permanent magnets. These magnets are used in various electrical and electronic products including microphones, in-ear headphones, loudspeakers, computer hard disks etc. Neodymium Market: Drivers and Trends

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Magnesium alloys Rare-earths Extrusion Mechanical behavior Slip Twinning abstract The mechanical behavior of an extruded magnesium–manganese alloy containing 1 wt% of neodymium (MN11) has been investigated at temperatures ranging from room temperature to …