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In our 80th year, IADC reaffirms our dediion to promoting innovative technology and safe drilling practices that bring oil and gas to the world’s consumers. IADC is focused on core industry issues, like health and safety, training and accreditation, attracting the next

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Carbon-14 dating—explained in everyday terms by Dr Carl Wieland [This article of mine, written in 1979, is obviously outdated and should not be relied upon.It is retained as part of our archive on Creation magazine, but for a current summary of CMI’s view on carbon-14 dating, the reader is referred to Chapter 4, What about carbon dating? of CMI’s The Creation Answers Book.

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Figure 4 shows two examples of high quality static domain patterns without any applied magnetic field for an industrial-grade pure iron and a low carbon steel respectively. One can see the DWs clearly in both materials and different types of patterns including e.g. packets …

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Carbon Steels offer a diverse range of mechanical properties and alloys, making them the ideal material for many appliions. Carbon steels are used in products that impact your life everyday. From the HVAC system that keeps your home and office comfortable, to the home appliances that bring your family together and to the high strength steels used by the automotive industry to protect your

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Steel loses its magnetic properties above this temperature. When steel is heated below the Curie point, the contribution of hysteresis is usually so small that it can be ignored. For all practical purposes, the I 2 R of the eddy currents is the only way in which electrical energy can be turned into heat for induction heating purposes.

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Ferrous metals include mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and wrought iron. Non-ferrous metals include aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, tin, lead, zinc, and precious metals. (If you are really interested in knowing more about the different types of metals, read Ferrous Metals Analysis: Making Sure You Have the Right Alloy for the Right Appliion in our sister blog

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Carbon-dating relies on knowing the ratio of carbon-14 to carbon-12 (normal non-radioactive carbon) in the atmosphere throughout history. But the carbon system is not always in equilibrium; there is not always a balance between the amount of new carbon-14 forming from nitrogen in the air due to solar radiation, and the amount of 14 C leaving the atmosphere due to being absorbed by plants.

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About 114 grams for this saddle frame made of high modulus carbon fiber. This is a specific study to find the perfect mix between exhaust zones and support areas: the large central hole guarantees maximum comfort and support in different pedalling situations, padding layer (only 6.5 grams), with An ultra-resistant Microfeel cover.

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Martensitic stainless steels are characterized by high strength and hardness in the heat treated condition. We offer a range of martensitic stainless alloys which contain 11 – 17% chromium with 0.15 – 0.63% carbon. Martensitic grades are magnetic in both the

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Identify process units susceptible to sulfidation: carbon steels with low silicon (<0.10%) content can corrode at an accelerated rate when exposed to hydrogen-free sulfidation conditions Test components to form the basis of API 578 Material Verifiion Programs (piping flanges, fittings forgings, valves, welds, instrumentation, overlays, bolting, expansion joints and gaskets)

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Magnetic arc blow can be a serious issue with some pipe welding jobs. John Anderson looks at its causes and how you can overcome the problem Magnetism in pipes can stop the welding process due to magnetic arc blow. This may result in poor quality welding

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Benchtop magnetic sector mass spectrometers can also offer rapid multistream sampling when one has to monitor multiple bioreactors, measurement of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon in both inlet and outlet to calculate the respiratory quotient for